Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sex Workers Art Show

Here are some fliers that we have created for the Sex Workers Art Show. We thought we would help them out with advertising. They have been plastered all over West Campus. There will likely be more to come.




You don't have to approve, but you do have to admit it is very funny. We believe they are a tough but fair way to depict the hypocrisy of Duke's policy implementation.


Danvers said...

These strippers and prostitutes were most certainly invited! The remaining questions are whether they are being paid and whether they are going to perform.

Surely someone should call for an immediate 'campus culture initiative' investigation into this blatant exploitation!

Will Wahneema Lubiano be uulating with outrage;

Will Holloway be proclaiming "prostitutes innocence means students'guilt".

Will Brod Dick be exclaiming after the show "whatever they did was bad enough"?

Tune in tomorrow for a further thrilling episode.

LMo is already preparing to railroad DSED for this parody, so have your lawyers ready, keep the hot line to FIRE open and prepare for grade retaliation (Kim - are you paying attention?), disciplinary kangaroo courts (Bryan - have you got your prosecutor/judge/jury robes on yet?) & witholding of Graduation for Ken.

Ken, don't worry, Dean Sue knows a good lawyer who will just "sweep this under the carpet" for you!

Congratulations on having the cojones to stand up to this rabid hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Great work! Kudos!


"Whatever they did, was bad enough!"

Debrah said...


This is stellar.

Just stellar!

Dicky Bro will have inspiration for a whole new kind of poetry.

Anonymous said...

Why has there been no discussion in the Chronicle about the show? I found lively discussions at the William & Mary newspaper.

Why the silence at Duke?

Why was it scheduled at the same time as the Super Bowl?

Thanks DSEDuke.

Gary Packwood said...

It (Sex Workers Art Show) is being sponsored by the University and Cultural Funds, Women's Center, Sexual Assault Support Services, Baldwin Scholars, Program for the Study of Sexualities, Students for Choice, Campus Council, Women’s Studies, and Student Health.
If these groups are sponsors, the event has nothing to do with art but has instead it has to do with (1) single Mom's and what they have to do to earn a living for themselves and their children (2) the wage inequities of men and women and what women have to do in order to compete with men and (3) lack of retirement credit for Mom's who take care of their children and thus the work they must do in order to have some type of living wage for themselves when they retire.

Art was slipped onto the hook in order to get you to bite.

Did the LGBT groups from Durham show up tonight as an expression of support?

Jim in San Diego said...

It is simply breathtaking to consider the irony of the story:

"Duke faculty, with the approval of the Administration, hire strippers to perform on campus".

There is simply nothing that can be said. Words like hypocrisy, insensitivity, mindlessness, irony, do not begin to describe the situation.

The situation is truly hopeless, isn't it?

Jim Peterson

JustSad said...

The current Duke administration clearly does not understand its own errors in judgment from the rape hoax affair, thus leading to this spectacle.