Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lawsuit Cliff's Notes

We are simultaneously compiling the essentials of our series Lawsuit Breakdown on a separate blog for a concise and easy understanding of Duke's place in this lawsuit. We thank the fellows at Liestoppers for the image at left.

Still to come:
The Coleman Report and Dean Bryan's False Statistics
Duke's Illegal Efforts to Re-elect Nifong
...and more...


Anonymous said...

Duke students are not the problem with Durham, in spite of what
Duke admin and Durm politicos and DPD would have one believe.

Danvers said...

This Blog and its associated web site must be a source of constant and (I hope) major irritation to the Duke Admin and a large number (88?) of Faculty. I was wondering what you guys have done to protect yourselves from the inevitable harassment that is bound to come?

Have any of your members, or more particularly, the executive seen any signs of grade retaliation (unexpected D's of F's) or any bogus disciplinary infractions; specifically since Kim Curtis has not yet left Duke?.

Did you perhaps, before the fact, advise LMo, Bryan and Wasiolek of what you intended to do, and notify them that any perceived interference eg: refusal to register the society, or any of the retaliatory actions listed above would result in a further law suit.

Keep it up, it is gratifying to see that al least some of the University "community" (a ridiculous word in this context) has not been intimidated and has not moved on!

Ethical Duke said...

We have a sound strategy for avoiding grade retaliation and the like. First of all, our President, Ken Larrey, acts as our lone spokesperson. That way we limit the number of targets for harassment and retaliation from administrators and faculty. He is an engineer (and econ major), so that gives him significant protection. On top of that he is a senior (though he will graduate in the fall), which limits his exposure.

At DSEDuke, we will gladly accept the brunt of administrative and/or faculty abuse if it will protect the rest of the student body from it. The truth, however, is that administrators especially are in no position to take that kind of aggressive action at this time (though that doesn't mean future students are necessarily safe yet), and if they did, we are easily up for the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit Cliff's Notes
The Defendants
...3. Duke SANE Defendants

I anticipate there will be much more damaging information that ties the administration to the conspiracy if all communications they received from sources at DUMC is ever brought out into the open.

Jim in San Diego said...

re: The need to have an engineer student take point at DSED because of fear of retaliation in the "liberal" arts departments.

There appears to be two Duke Universities. The Old Duke. And, Bizarro Duke, a Duke where Crazies rule.

In Bizarro Duke, argument does not require verifiable facts, but begins and ends with dogma. Racists and bigots are rewarded and promoted.

In Bizarro Duke, due process is not respected, because it is not taught, and no one knows what it is. Heads of departments, when asked if they would support due process for their own students, respond "no".

In Bizarro duke, a sex show becomes "art" if it is promoted by the politically correct, but it is unacceptable trash if promoted by someone else.

If there is no other consequence to this anti-intellectual nonsense, at some point employers everywhere will look underneath any resume from a Duke grad to find out which Duke they really are from.

Let us hope they will be fair enough to discriminate between Old Duke and Bizarro Duke.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

In your Breck Archer piece you mention that " faculty hand-picked by Bryan" were on the Judicial Affairs panel. Do you know the names of these hand-picked faculty panel members?

Ethical Duke said...

We understand that it would be a violation of university policy to reveal who was on that panel.

danvers said...

It looks like DSED are going to have to start another Cliff Notes Blog :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

38 Duke Lacrosse Players to Announce Lawsuit Against Duke University, Town of Durham

On Thursday, February 21, 38 Duke lacrosse players and their parents will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to announce the filing of a lawsuit against Duke University and a number of other entities and individuals.

Charles J. Cooper, attorney for the players will explain the complaint and answer questions from the media.

Only credentialed media will be allowed.

For more information, please email