Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Indoctrinate U Screening

Last night's screening of Indoctrinate U was fantastic! The film was insightful, provocative and often hilarious. The Duke Chronicle reported the event in today's issue, though with a few significant mistakes and a somewhat unfortunate title. DSEDuke sponsored the film, with contributions from the Program on Values and Ethics in the Marketplace and the Political Science department. A discussion afterwards was co-sponsored and promoted by the Duke Conservative Union, College Republicans, Duke Democrats, and the Center for Race Relations.

We promoted the event (albeit with late start) with an attempt to attract a diverse audience, both ethnically, ideologically and intellectually. We encouraged attendees to prepare to ask tough, penetrating questions during the Q&A with Thor and Evan. Evan and Thor were fantastic. With the exception of perhaps one question, we were somewhat disappointed that neither was ever really challenged. Thor in particular was remarkably insightful, animated and inspiring in his responses.

It was also wonderful to meet them in person. Evan and Thor both joined all of us for dinner afterwards at the Washington Duke Inn.

We are currently lobbying for them to create a documentary on the Duke Lacrosse Affair.


Carolyn said...

"We are currently lobbying for them to create a documentary on the Duke Lacrosse Affair."

Now that is something I would pay good money (and bring a really BIG tub of buttered popcorn) to see!

Debrah said...

Such an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Since you mention that the film is "often hilarious" I suspect these film makers might not be the ones to do a documentary of the "Lacrosse Affair" as a whole. It really isn't funny.

Now, the Gang of 88's antics surrounding the Lacrosse Affair, there's some material they might enjoy.