Thursday, February 7, 2008 covers Sex Workers Art Show recently posted a video on their homepage about the Sex Workers Art Show at Duke. They interviewed several Duke students, including Martha Brucato, the HealthyDevils organizer of the event, as well as Larry Moneta.

"Watch: The Strippers Are Back at Duke"


Gary Packwood said...

One of the students in this clip talks about the Sex Workers Art Show being OK because Duke is a private school.

It might be helpful if Ethical Duke took on the job of helping students understand the differences between private and public institutions of higher education. Compare and contrast, as it were.

You might start by affirming that both private and public institutions of high education must adhere to the Constitution of the United States, the laws of North Carolina and local ordinances.

I don't know what to suggest for the student organizer who wants to provoke discussions about sexuality using the art show as some sort of 'flung dung' breaker.

We have been talking about poverty since the time of Jesus and all that talk has not resulted in much action.

I wonder what type of campus action she wants to see as a result of The Sex Workers Art Show?

Please, there is no need to add embroidery to the insanity of the Duke lacrosse frame.

Anonymous said...

I thought in 3/06 the BOT was concerned with the negative PR Duke was getting and they were concentrating on trying to "stop the pictures". I would think Duke would want to stay away from strippers for a time so that the PR would turn to something more positive.

Anonymous said...

The show itself is not really the issue. It is the double standard that the Duke Admin employs that is so outrageous.

Can you say Jackasses?? Buffoons?? Idiots??

I tell you, they are not fit for the job!! Did you see Larry?? His stance is a prime example of complete and total incompetence.

It wouldn't be so bad, if Duke did not implement this stripper policy, but for Larry to justify this as 'educational' is the same as excusing hiself for eating babies for 'survival' purposes....