Monday, February 11, 2008

Stuart Taylor on Sex Show

We had been waiting for permission to post Stuart Taylor's National Journal article, but apparently Liestoppers found a copy already online, so here is Stuart Taylor's piece, "The University Has No Clothes." The title is especially interesting because the story of The Emperor's New Clothes fits events at Duke University of the last few years on so many levels. Congratulations to Stuart Taylor on yet another sharply insightful exposé.

Mr. Taylor lamented to us that he is kicking himself for accidentally removing the part about Brodhead not wanting to know about the event in his meeting with Ken Larrey. In fact, Brodhead refused to read the HealthyDevils' description of the event that Larrey had printed out for him, so Larrey simply read it to him.

[Edited: 9:26 PM 2/11/08]
The following screenshot of the Facebook event created by HealthyDevils contains that description.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to post what Larrey read to briodhead?

Jim in San Diego said...

Re: Mr. Brodhead's refusal to listen to Mr. Larrey to find out what his administration was sponsoring on campus.

We have seen this movie before with this actor.

Mr. Brodhead, you may recall, also refused even to meet with parents of the Duke lacrosse players or listen to the evidence that at least one of the accused was demonstrably innocent.

Usually, when someone in a position of responsibility like Mr. Brodhead makes such extraordinary misjudgments, there are consequences. The position of responsibility is, usually, assigned to someone else, someone who has the judgment (and character) to handle the job.

Why is Mr. Brodhead still allowed to continue to make such decisions at Duke? Are there no standards for the job?

Jim Peterson