Friday, April 4, 2008

2008 Campus Outrage Award: Duke Wins Grand Prize

Duke recently won an unfortunate award for hosting the Sex Workers Art Show as the SWAS continues to make headlines. ISI awarded Duke University the Grand Prize for 2008 for what Larry Moneta apparently called “a hallmark of the intellectual environment [students] will experience at Duke.” The prize money of $1000 for the Grand Prize will go to the New Right Review for Angela Czahor's and David Bitner's pieces on the affair. Congratulations to all involved!

Congratulations go to the runner up, the University of Delaware, for a an extremely valiant effort to outrage every sane person in the nation with their absurd racial training program, which defined "a racist" as a term that "applies to all white people." It is tough to imagine a more worthy adversary.


Jim in San Diego said...

There is hardly a person more deserving of recognition on the Duke Campus than Mr. Elmostafa.

His contribution to Duke was to protect Duke students from injustice.

There is virtually no one at Duke who can claim the same honor. Not the faculty, not the administration, not the BOT. Yet, all had the duty and opportunity to do the right thing, and chose not to.

I am going to conjecture Duke students, through DSED, will not be able to bring Mr. Elmostafa anywhere near the Duke campus.

If he is perchance permitted to appear on campus, he will be resoundingly ignored by most of those there.

I would pay money to be wrong. We shall see.

Jim Peterson

Gary Packwood said...

Ceremony at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens to celebrate this, the Grand prize?

A butt cake with sparklers would be a nice addition to the Crown Jewel of Duke University.

Ya All Come.