Friday, May 2, 2008

Kristin Butler Wins National Award

Kristin Butler recently became the top winner of The National Society of Newspaper Columnists Educational Foundation Scholarship contest, announced on April 24th. Editor and Publisher published an article about it. Surprisingly, the Chronicle opted not to report it in Monday's paper, though they were notified, but we are posting it here nonetheless.

Two of the judges had this to say about Butler and her work:

Goodman commented: “A good combination of reporting and opinion with a tough look at her own administration. Liked the variety as well, from health care to stripping!”

Suzette Martinez Standring, a preliminary judge, also commented on Butler. “Articulate and well-researched columns on social justice topics. Her Voice and point of view is one to be reckoned with.”

"I'm thrilled by the Society's decision, and grateful for the opportunity to visit New Orleans and interview Katrina victims this June," said Butler.

Her First Prize also comes with $1000. Kristin has not decided yet how to put that to use.


Carolyn said...

Hmm, obviously the Chronicle didn't feel one of its own columnist's success was 'all the news that's fit to print'.

Maybe Kristin should have peed off a porch.

Jim in San Diego said...

Has DSED asked the Chronicle to explain why it has not reported one of its own columnists has won a National Award?

Usually, any organization would be pleased and proud to broadcast such a success.

If someone has asked the Chronicle, and the Chronicle has responded, then what is the explanation?

Selective publication of the news is one of the techniques totalitarian regimes have always used to control opionion. Such control is, or should be, anathema to liberal education.

Jim Peterson

Gary Packwood said...

Is anyone working to bring this Blog back to life.
Many of us sure worked hard to promote the blog.
Should we assume that you just used us and then moved on?