Monday, March 10, 2008

Download Indoctrinate U

[The following is a message from Indoctrinate U]

We're very happy to announce the arrival of the Indoctrinate U online store!

You can download the film today and watch it on your computer or TV.

The film is available as a high-quality MPEG-4 file or as a Virtual DVD, which allows you to burn your own DVD copy of "Indoctrinate U" and watch it on your TV. (The Virtual DVD is a standards-compliant ISO file.)

The MPEG-4 file and the Virtual DVD are compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.


There are a number of new screenings that have been added to the schedule over the coming weeks:

Note: Physical DVDs are not yet available, and will not be available for a number of weeks. If you can't make it to a local screening, downloading the MPEG-4 file or the Virtual DVD is the only way to see the film soon.

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